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5 Best SMO Techniques for 2020

Social Media Optimization

Social Media these days is the new face of your business and has also become the new age marketplace. You can always limit and target the audience you think will be interested in your product or services. You can reach out to a global audience or limit them as per their characteristic traits through Facebook and Google ads. But the biggest question is how to gain fruitful results from your social media activities! Here, we present you these Smo Techniques which you shall follow:

Consistency – 

Consistency is the key. Your job will not be over right after creating a Social Media Account. You shall ensure the availability of content to your audience in a consistent manner or on a regular basis.


With ever evolving dynamics of social media, it is advised to run behind creating engagement rather than followers. One must understand the engaging activities on social media attracts the audience much more than the normal posting of content. 


Indeed content is the king but these days quality content is ‘Shenshah’ of all. You must thoroughly understand your audience and reactions to the content served to them on your social media. The better the understanding the better will be content draft and presentation which will lead to real time engagement with your audience. You shall not stick to one type of content for your social media rather should have different types of relatable content designed and presented strategically.

Focus on stories:

One may not have all the time in the world to open your profile and see what new post is up on your social media but can see your stories anytime. Hence, these days you should really focus on creating some engaging content for Social Media Stories. Stories can have basic tips and tricks, Q&A session, Fashion Inspiration, Travel Diaries totally depending on the category of your business.

Keywords/ Hashtag Optimization:

You may have the best content in the industry but if not drafted strategically it will solve no purpose. Hence, it is very important for you to equip your content with related keywords and hashtags that shall help in increasing the visibility and ranking among various searched results at engines.

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