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SEO techniques in 2019

Top 11 SEO Techniques In 2019 To Grow your Business.

Want to rank higher on Google search engine result pages ?

All of these proven strategies we are sharing with you will help you to grow your business. As, these are the top 11 SEO techniques in 2019 that are working great for online businesses.

SEO is a little complicated and time taking activity, but once it starts working it is like a boon to your business. It is a cost effective strategy that will grow your business organically.

Want someone else to do your SEO work, Tracktive Digital Marketing Agency will help you getting the right visibility and will provide potential answers to – How to generate leads in sales . Also, follow these top SEO techniques in 2019 for your website.

SEO techniques in 2019

1. Optimize your website for Google ranking.

Every company spend most of their time worrying about search engine result page ranking (SERP) and search engine optimization(SEO). There’s no doubt, Search is a core of every business lead.

2. Discover Untapped Reddit Keywords.

There is no social media site more misunderstood and underutilized by SEO professionals than Reddit. They have a massive and diverse audience, and you can gauge the popularity of a topic to quickly determine the context, tone, and intent in which they are used.

3. Update, Upgrade and Republish Old Blog Posts.

Best way to keep your website updated and on top in google search results is to republish your old blog posts, make some changes and increase their word count. Regular updating and republishing old blog posts increase your website traffic by 111.37 %.

4. Copy Killer Adword Ads (Meta Titles and Meta Description).

Make your audience believe that your business can help them & can completely understand their expectations and needs. In this way, there are more chances that they will respond to your call to action words otherwise they may never visit your website again.

5. Steal the best Keywords of your competitors.

Find your competitor’s keywords as the people who are visiting your competitors webpage might visit your website too if they get more relevant content there. In this way you can steal visitors from your competitors page.

6. Maximize the shareability of your webpage content.

Share your website content as much as you can on social media websites. As, google notices your website’s url whenever anyone shares it on any social medium.

7. Add small blog posts or descriptions for YouTube post.

Some bloggers with huge number of subscribers might not add description on their youtube posts but as your business is on initial stage, it will definitely need some mini blog posts and content description with high searched hashtags to rank on top positions.

8. Use Long tail keywords for less competition.

Use of long tail keywords increase the chances to rank higher on google search engine result pages as they are more specific to your products.

9. Post Content With more than 1,800 Words.

A post with more than 1800 words is considered to be more informative and qualitative than a short blog. Include more informative images and high quality content to rank higher on search engine result page.

10. Use Google Search Console For Traffic.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console are two most important and free tools created by Google to track traffic.

11. Understand Your Audience & User Intent.

Understand your visitors & audience searches and intent and focus on your niche. Create smart SEO campaigns to target your audience. We at Tracktive Digital Marketing Agency will help you in creating campaigns at reasonable prices.

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